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Baseball did nothing to make players use steroids. What? Did everybody that had anything to do with Baseball hold a gun to the players head, and say hey do steroids or we are going to shoot you ? Of course not, doing steroids was a personal decision no more no less. I'm sick of people making up excuses for all the cheaters in Baseball. Is anyone else besides me sick of it? There is an old cliché that if you have to cheat to achieve then you should not be competing at all. All the cheaters make it hard for the clean players or, players that play cleanly, record setters, that during or, even after their playing career’s are well over, run into some kind of circumstance and, examples are made of the latter while the real cheaters, those cheating everyday on and, off the field to gain an unfair advantage still get to play and continue cheating while still creating that unfair afore mentioned advantage, that’s what is disgraceful. There are clean players in the circle of Greatness. Someone made a reference about Frank Thomas “that we don't know for sure if he is clean”. Well he is, he was big and strong in high school, in college, and in MLB. Nothing has changed that from the first time he picked up a bat. There are others, Ken Griffey JR. has never had the need to use steroids. His ultra fast bat speed and that sweetest of swings is all he has ever needed.. Griffey on a number of occasions throughout his career has volunteered to be tested and was a few times. Just to prove he was clean. He has never been anything else but clean. Should the cheaters be forbidden to enter the HOF in the presence of such real athletes?  I don't think so but, I think their stats should be adjusted. It's not fair in any situation that a great overall hitter like Hank Aaron and his home run record be held by a cheater. I don't think it's fair that a great player and, even greater person like Roger Maris (I knew MR. Maris as a young teen ager) have his Single Season home run record held by the same cheater that holds Hank Aaron’s overall Home Run record. I know I'm going back in time somewhat, but this should be brought up again and, again until both of the players the rest of this article is Devoted to take their rightful place in the HOF.( Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson)

 Should the all time hit king Pete Rose be banned from the HOF for something that had absolutely nothing to do with his days on the field as a player?  Day in and day out he would be the first one at the club house, and the last one to leave and, play his heart out every second of every game. Charlie Hustle appeared in 6 World Series winning three of them (2 WITH Reds-1 WITH Phillies). HE was an MVP, ROY, 17 times an All Star, and won three batting titles, he had a career 300+ BA, a  great team leader as well. He is banned from baseball for something that happened well after his playing days were over. That is my biggest gripe, to get banned from the HOF while managing and leave Pete's great accomplishments as a player on the field laying in a trash heap.  On the field Pete was squeaky clean and i challenge anyone who thinks different to prove other wise. Pete Rose play baseball (MLB) for 22+ years and, gave fans some of the most exciting play year after year as any player in major league base ball history. Love him or hate him, you have to respect Pete Rose as a player. It would be a sad, sad thing for Pete to pass away and, not see his bust, deservingly so along side the other greats of base ball history in Canton, Ohio in the HOF.

OK while I'm at it I have another gripe that goes back to 1919.Yes you probably have already guessed the Chicago White Sox World Series scandal or Black Sox scandal which ever you prefer. Eight Chicago White Sox players were paid $1,000 dollars apiece to throw the 1919 World Series. Of them was one of the greatest players to ever play Baseball, Shoeless Joe Jackson. The other seven knew what they were getting into however Jackson did not. He was told the money was a bonus for making it to the World Series. Everyone involved knew he would not do anything to throw the series. Later a team mate told Shoeless Joe what was going on, you see Shoeless Joe Jackson was illiterate, he could not read, barely could write his own name so he was an easy victim. I mean how much of a threat could an illiterate man be to the gamblers involved? What Joe Jackson lacked in education he more than made up for with integrity and savvy, so he (Joe Jackson) went back to the gamblers who set this up. Gave the money back and told them that he did not want any part of throwing the World Series. Of course the gamblers were being backed by the gangsters of Chicago financially and, this was the heyday of gangsters. You know the kind that would stop a car and step out with a 45 caliber “Tommy Gun” and, dish out to you the ultimate pay back for double crossing them. That did not deter Shoeless Joe Jackson. He went on to have one of the best personal performances in his World Series appearances. After the White Sox lost to Cincinnati in 9 Games, it was found out the 1919 Worlds Series had been thrown. Shoeless Joe Jackson took his case to court. Some of his team mates involved in the scandal testified on Joe's behalf that he had done nothing wrong in the World Series. His numbers backed up their claim .Shoeless Joe had 12 hits, scored 5 runs had 6 RBI, batted for a .375 avg., and his fielding percentage was 1.000.Joe Jackson was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. About half way through the 1920 Baseball Season, Joe was on a roll leading the league with a .385 batting average when the first commissioner of Baseball was elected, KENESAW MOUNTAIN LANDIS. His first act as commissioner was a life time ban from Baseball for the players involved in the 1919 World Series scandal. Even Shoeless Joe Jackson who had been acquitted from this act. I’m sorry if you found this small history lesson in Baseball was boring but it had to be told to get to my point. That player's who did absolutely nothing wrong on the field of play are banned from Baseball for life. But the cheaters or most of them anyway, will retire and become eligible and be enshrined in to the Hall Of Fame. Do you think this is right? Me... I think you know how I feel. How do you feel?  I would love opinions, positive or negative, you can leave can leave feedback at this e_ mail address:

I said that I wasn’t going to put a bunch of stats on here, but after seeing the number of records that Pete Rose actually broke (ML & NL), in good conscious I had to add them. One more thing about Pete, Long Live The Hit King.


# Major League records:


    * Most career hits - 4,256

    * Most career outs - 10,328

    * Most career games played - 3,562

    * Most career at bats - 14,053

    * Most career singles - 3,215

    * Most career runs by a switch hitter - 2,165

    * Most career doubles by a switch hitter - 746

    * Most career walks by a switch hitter - 1,566

    * Most career total bases by a switch hitter - 5,752

    * Most seasons of 200 or more hits - 10

    * Most consecutive seasons of 100 or more hits - 23

    * Most consecutive seasons with 600 or more at bats - 13 (1968–1980)

    * Most seasons with 600 at bats - 17

    * Most seasons with 150 or more games played - 17

    * Most seasons with 100 or more games played - 23

    * Record for playing in the most winning games - 1,972

    * Only player in major league history to play more than 500 games at five different positions - 1B (939), LF (671), 3B (634), 2B (628), RF (595)



National League records:


    * Most years played - 24

    * Most consecutive years played - 24

    * Most career runs - 2,165

    * Most career doubles - 746

    * Most career games with 5 or more hits - 10

    * Modern (post-1900) record for longest consecutive game hitting streak - 44

    * Modern record for most consecutive hitting streaks of 20 or more games - 7


On April 23, 1964, in the top of the ninth inning of a scoreless game in Colt Stadium, Rose reached first base on an error and scored on another error to make Houston Astros Ken Johnson the first pitcher to lose a complete game no-hitter



DATE: 05/ 15/ 2011          References: Wikipedia, PETE ROSE (the book), 100 years of base ball. And of course, my own experiences watching Pete Rose play at River Front stadium.





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Goodbye Coach Meyer

LET me tell you something everyone, Urban Meyer is one of the greatest college football coaches ever. All you have to do is look at his record. He has been a winner at every college he has coached at. At the University of Florida he was the best coach they have ever had. People talk about Steve Spurrier and how great he is. Let's talk about Urban Meyer and how great he is. Two National Championships at UF, Three Total one before he came to UF. He had the most dominating team in the country for  4 years. Yes this year was not one of them to be sure. How can you be as passionate on the side lines as Meyer was usually is thinking about a bad heart and, if you can;t stay calm a person with his condition could drop on the side line and be dead before you could reach a hospital. I noticed this year that he was not doing his usual pacing up and down the field, not giving his players hell like usual. A lot of other things come to mind as well,but if i got into it all this would be an article instead of a thread. His success at UF in such a short time is phenomenal and, will probably never be matched by any coach. After the Gators last loss i told my wife that at the end of the season Urban Meyer would retire, i could just see he could not be his self because of health problems. I was right and, if anyone thinks Meyer will wait a year and get another coaching job, well i wouldn't hold my breath. Meyer loved being and coaching at Florida, his great career is sadly over. He will stay retired and, will not be seeking employment else where. When it comes to the point because of health problems that you can't be passionate and, well light a fire under your players ass' then just coaching at another school would be the same result that Florida had this year, It is just not a decision that a great thinking person like Urban Meyer would make. His family and his health is more important than coaching football. Like i said before his career as a coach is sadly over.  May GOD bless coach Meyer with a long and happy life. It will be very hard for him to adjust to not being on the field coaching, i feel for him with all my heart as everyone else should do as well. Goodbye coach Meyer and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.

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Auburn not even close to best in SEC Not history

Not even close. not all SEC teams that played Auburn were crushed either. Until Newton can put up career numbers like Danny Wuerfull he is not even the best QB in the SEC. For that matter he is not as good as Tim Teebow was. So don't put the horse ahead of the cart. He still has to win at least Two National Title Games to even be in their company, let alone considered better. Let's wait and see Newton and company play Oregon before you start singing praises of Auburn. Even then Cam Newton has a lot to prove as well as the rest of the team before you can even put them in a category with Florida and their recent Four National Championships.
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The Big three?

The big three, that statement is so wrong in well, 9 ways. In the NBA that's the number that makes a team and, that is what the Celtics are a team, 12 players in uniform and while all Twelve may not play the player's on the bench are still a big part of the teams make up. The bench players as they are known, that does not play a minute in the whole year still contributes by just being there. If they are players with good attitudes anyway. They cheer on their counterparts, give them mental support when the players of minutes are feeling down and,a lot of other way's. Bench players well coining an old expression feel "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". Right with their team mates. What I'M saying is there is no "Big Three". There is only a team. Now that being said here is what other's have said and, what i say about this team. Yeah the old,tired, washed up Celtics right. Wrong, if they are all the afore mentioned adjectives then some one better tell them, and if they have told them then the Celtics sure are not buying it. As for the Lakers "Being the NBA", wrong that is something i seen in a thread. The only thing that separated the Celtics and the Lakers in game Seven last year, was not the Four points the Lakers won by. Something was missing on the Celtics. Oh yeah, it was their dominator in the middle, Kendrick Perkins. Had Perkins been in that game it would have been the Celtics winning the NBA Championship not the Lakers. Miami, the super team have already been beat twice by the Cs, without Kendrick Perkins. When Perkins gets back after the All Star Game -- break, the Celtics will be the most dominating team in the NBA. It is the Cs who are the NBA then the Lakers not the other way around. Do you think if Pau Gasol was not in the Lakers line up they would be 8-0? I have one thing to say about that, NO. They would be lucky if they were 4-4. Yet without their big man the Celtics are now as of tonight 7-2 after beating the Heat, again. When Perkins gets back it will be to bad for the rest of the league, including the Lakers. One more thing, don't even try to attack my knowledge of Basketball because i was watching NBA ball before most of you were born. If you want to see impressive stats of a TEAM, look at the Cs stats from tonights game again beating the Heat again, this time at home and, a bragging Miami team "We have gotten a lot better since the last game with the Celtics". So stealing a quote from tonights coverage of the game from a sports writer, "Evidently so have the Celtics". The NBA has and always will be the Boston Celtics.


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November 4, 2010 8:11 am
 I am really getting sick of members on these threads calling the Celtics old. If you would open your eyes you might see all the young

talent on this team who are progressing so well.How about the Celtics two rookies that in some point of the year are going to get minutes, and

make very good use of them. Avery Bradley, Luke Harongody ever heard those names? Bradley may take a little more time then Harongody, maybe. If

not then you will see a rookie guard with skills like you have never seen in a rookie. Luke Harongody, forward will certainly make such an

impact the second half of the year. This kid from Notre Dame  can do it all, he can shoot from the outside, he can drive to the hoop, he can

play defense, he can rebound. When his "A" game is on he can knock down shots from behind the arc. Harongody is the complete package. Is "Big

Baby" old? Is Nate Robinson old? How about Delonte West, I'll give you he has some issues but, i bet Doc Rivers has him humming in some point

of the season.How about Kendrick Perkins, you think the big man can't sustain a whole season? If you do you are wrong. They have the Two

O'Neals to keep Perkins out of foul trouble.For that matter to keep him fresh. Ray Allen will not wear down and i have heard from numerous

source's that Kevin Garnett is in the best shape he has been in for years. Paul Pierce certainly will not wear out so to speak, he is always in

peak condition as he has been since he was a rookie with the Celtics. No you are mistaken if you think this Celtic team is "old". This years

Celtics has something to prove, that they have at least One more NBA Championship left in them. Maybe Two or maybe... who knows, remember this

is the most storied Franchise in NBA history. I have just in my 53 years seen the Celtics make Magic, at the very least that is what they

believe. If you go out game in and game out, play your heart out and believe, you can accomplish anything. The thing is this not so old team as

everyone thinks can and will win their 18th NBA Championship. You and everyone else can believe that, take it to the bank.

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Kevin Garnett a punk? Rajon Rondo just so-so?

Alright to start off this little debate  when another player throws an elbow in to KG it's good physical defense. When KG does it usually is after a player throws one in to him first, instead of it being physical defense KG is a punk. I think or actually know that all Lakers fans are just KG haters because he don't take no crap, especially from Lakers players.

 Kevin Garnett is just a physical player period. Thank god there are a few left,that's the way the game has been played in past history and should continue to be played. Unfortunately there are so many premadonna players in the  sport these days, the powers that be just don't want one of their favorite sons to get a little bruise on them or hurt their little feelings, that it is making the NBA look more like the WNBA.

 Everyone's precious Lakers are the whole problem with calls like that, it started for them and continues for them. The sad part is it's not isolated just to them anymore, it is spreading through out the league and it is sicking. You can't even breath hard on a player these days let alone touch one with out it being called a foul or a technical foul. I have been watching NBA for almost 50 years and can remember when the refs and the league used to let the players do just that, play.

 By the way the Bucks are not a hapless team AS I HEAR SO MANY SAY. They are a young team that the so called experts projected to be a contender this year for the playoffs. When the year wears on a little you will see or not see rather a hapless Bucks team, but rather a playoff contender.

 Now on the subject of Rajon Rondo, DWill or CP3 could not carry Rondos jock strap. Rondo is with out doubt the best point guard in the league, maybe with the exception of Steve Nash. Point guards are not supposed to put up big scoring numbers, if they do however it's icing on the cake. Rondo had 17 points 8 boards and 15 assists tonight, that is what a point guard is supposed to do. Hell the 8 boards is great for a point guard. Most times he even exceeds that.

 Point is a position to run the game, set up the plays and find the open man with the best position to score. No one does that better than Rajon Rondo. he is not only the best now , but will be for a very long time. That is if Avery Bradley lives up to expectations. If that is the case then Rondo will be moved to the #2 position some time in the future. We will just have to watch and see Bradley's development. As a Lakers fan you better pray that doesn't become the situation, and every other team in the NBA. They would be the most awesome guard duo in NBA history.

 About Paul Pierce, thanks everyone for recognizing his accomplishment of becoming only the 36th player in NBA history to exceed 20,000 points.

 Also he is only the Third player in NBA history to score over 20,000 points while playing on just one team.


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No way in hell LSU WINS IN THE SWAMP. Florida's D is better than LSU, even though the numbers do not reflect it.  How could LSU jump from 12th to the top five? Thats ludicrous if the Gators beat LSU, excuse me i mean when the Gators beat LSU will they jump in to the top 5? Hell no, but they will jump in to the top 10 when they whip the Tigers ass by at LEAST  14 points. Remember the game will be in the Swamp. All the Tigers will be is Gator food. You can take that to the bank and deposit it.

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No way in hell LSU WINS IN THE SWAMP. Florida's D is better than LSU, even though the numbers do not reflect it.  How could LSU jump from 12th to the top five? Thats ludicrous if the Gators beat LSU, excuse me i mean when the Gators beat LSU will they jump in to the top 5? Hell no, but they will jump in to the top 10 when they whip the Tigers ass by at LEAST  14 points. Remember the game will be in the Swamp. All the Tigers will be is Gator food. You can take that to the bank and deposit it.

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